Class Overview

Class Overview

Classes are held in Fremont, California. There are three sessions in the year, each consisting of a 12-week period.

  • Fall Session:  September – December
  • Winter Session: January – March
  • Spring Session:  April – June

Students can be enrolled in one class that is hour-long class and meets once a week. There are multiple classes during the week and the students are placed in the appropriate class depending on their age and level of learning. 

Class Levels

Nik’n’Nat Class 

Ages 5-7 years old

This class is designed to inspire the inquisitiveness of creative learners at an early age. We start learning with games, props, instruments, puppets and movement to discover the world of music. Kids will learn the elements of notes, tune, tempo, rhythm while singing different alankaar patterns. They will learn a prayer and songs from the book “Gana Bajana”. They will also learn to sing some film songs for children. They will learn to play the basic alankaars on keyboard along with some songs.


Ages 7-12 yrs

This class creates a solid foundation for young students to start their musical journey. They will learn the concept of shuddha, komal and tivra swaras with various basic and advanced alankaars (voice excercises). They will learn various taals (rhythm patterns) and will be introduced to the raga theory. They will learn 5 Ragas, Bhoopali, Yaman, Khamaj, Sarang and Durga. They will also learn some raga based film songs. They will be able to play basic and advanced alankaars on the keyboard along with some songs. They will understand the concept of scales, and the basics of western music theory.


Ages 10-Adult (pre-requisite: Beginner class)

The students will build on the concepts they have learnt and focus on refining their singing. They will learn to understand perfect pitch and be able to sing on Tanpura. They will learn voice modulations, breathing techniques and work on increasing their range. They will be able to recognize notes and be able to create their own swara patterns. They will learn many more Hindustani Ragas and will learn to sing alaps and taans along with the chhota khayal.  They will learn either a bhajan, geet, ghazal, or a film song at the end of each raga.

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