Sargam Stars

Sargam Stars

What is Saragam Stars?

Saragam Stars is an introductory after-school music program designed to creatively initiate young children into the world of Indian (Hindi) music. Our fun approach engages young minds with short attention spans and builds a strong
foundation to launch their musical journey.

Who is the primary audience?

Our curriculum is suited for elementary school children enrolled in K-3 grades that have no prior training in music. Our lesson plan is organized in hour-long sessions taught once a week over 30 weeks.

What is unique about our approach?

Saragam Stars’s program is based on an innovative step-by-step method of teaching Indian music that is ideally suited for children born in the US. The style and the original music curriculum is developed and perfected by Nikita Parikh, Director of NikNat Music School ( The Saragam Stars program incorporates state of the art web-based audio-visual tools and techniques.

Our tiered lesson plans encompass musical games, classroom instruments, props, movement and songs that are designed to inspire the inquisitive and creative learners at an early age. Using the popular book “Gana Bajana” authored by Nikita Parikh, the institute’s qualified teachers will introduce the students to the world of Indian (Hindustani) Classical Music. The primary goal is to develop a lifelong love for music. The children will indirectly learn the Hindi language through music. The music program will aid in their social and emotional development, mathematics and pattern recognition skills.

What are the benefits to the Parents?

  1. Introduce Indian music to your child at a very early age in the comfort of his/her own school environment.
  2. Have your child learn with their friends that makes it more fun and build deeper friendships.
  3. Give your child a gift of music without the stress of driving them to and from classes.
  4. Take advantage of a program that uses tried and tested web-based methodologies to engage the young minds.
  5. Build an appreciation of your rich culture and language.

What are our qualifications?

Saragam Stars is the brainchild of Mrs. Nikita Parikh an accomplished vocalist trained in North Indian classical music. She is the founder and director of NikNat School of Music in Fremont, CA. Mrs. Parikh has taught several hundred students from the Indian community of San Francisco Bay Area. Along with her daughter Natasha, she has authored a unique book for second generation Indian children titled “Gana Bajana”, bridging the gap between Eastern and Western classical music theory. Nikita has also been certified as music docent by US based organization “Music for Minors” and has weaved the key attributes of this novel approach in her style for teaching Indian classical music by involving props, instruments, musical games and movement to explain the concepts of scales, pitch, chords and rhythm. She firmly believes in creating an environment where the curiosity and thirst of a young mind is nurtured for maximum learning. In July 2011, she became a teacher affiliate of the Shankar Mahadevan Academy and run courses as part of the affiliate program as well.

How do we wish to partner with Elementary Schools?

Saragam Stars will use facilities in public and private elementary schools after school hours to teach a class of 10-15 students. The hour-long classes would be scheduled on fixed day of the week. A school year is divided in two semesters. Each semester would encompass fifteen sessions (September to December and January to May). All school holidays and breaks will be observed by Saragam Stars.

What programs do we offer in our curriculum?

Students will be placed in one of the two programs offered based on their age.

  • Saragam Stars 101: K-1 grade
  • Saragam Stars 102: 2-3 grade

Registration now open for Duveneck Elementary School, Palo Alto